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Al-Masdar Podcast 06- “Syrian Girl” talks social media activism

In this week's podcast me and Paul Antonopoulos have a candid discussion with the widely known political activist, Mimi Al-Laham, about Syria and other topics. You can check out her YouTube channel here. She has been described by Al-Arabiya as a "Kardashian wannabe trolling for Assad" which is an exceptional compliment. Enjoy the podcast!

Al-Masdar Podcast 05 – Fernando Carvajal and Hisham al-Omeisy on Yemen

  In this week's podcast, Brad Blankenship speaks with Fernando Carvajal and Hisham al-Omeisy. Hisham is a Yemeni political and information analyst living in Sana'a; he has been involved in the conflict since it began and has worked for several NGOs and embassies. Fernando is a PhD candidate in Arab and Islamic Studies living in Los Angeles and has over 14 years...

Al-Masdar Podcast 04 – Senator Richard Black and the Assad Letter

In this week's podcast, Brad Blankenship discusses with Richard Black his letter to Bashar al-Assad as well as his thoughts on the Syrian War as a whole. Richard Black is a Republican politician and member of the Virginia State Senate representing the 13th District.  

Al-Masdar Podcast 03 – Doctor Tim Anderson and The Dirty War on Syria

In this week's installment of the Al-Masdar Podcast, Brad Blankenship discusses issues such as the Syrian Civil War and the state of Latin America with Dr. Tim Anderson. Dr. Tim Anderson has just released his book "The Dirty War on Syria" that can be purchased on Global Research. Tim Anderson has Degrees in Economics and International Politics, and a Doctorate on the...

Al-Masdar Podcast 02 – Doctor Norman Finkelstein: Unfiltered – “Saudis are parasites”

In this week's podcast, Brad Blankenship discusses multiple issues with Norman Finkelstein, from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, to the current state of affairs within the Gulf States. Norman Finkelstein is a leading academic on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and is an activist, author, and political scientist.

Al-Masdar News Podcast 01 – Discussion with Mojtaba Masood

In the first episode of the Al-Masdar Podcast series, Brad Blankenship interviews Mojtaba Masood, a documentary filmmaker of 'ISIS - "Islamic" Extremism?' The episode discusses this documentary along with the growth of ISIS, radicalism in the United Kingdom, and sectarianism. His documentary can be seen here. You can see his new documentary 'Islamophobia: Cause & Effect' here. You can follow him on...